RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme

The RSPCA established the Approved Farming Scheme as part of our efforts to improve the lives of Australia’s farm animals and provide guidance and a trustworthy choice to consumers wanting to purchase products from higher welfare farming systems.

The Approved Farming Scheme is a not-for-profit program that works on three levels, by:

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  • establishing animal welfare standards that go beyond regulatory requirements and that are commercially viable;
  • enabling differentiation and marketing of products from RSPCA Approved farms; and
  • offering consumers who buy pork, chicken, turkey and eggs a higher welfare alternative.



Layer hens

RSPCA Standards mean that hens can dustbathe, forage and lay their eggs in a nest.



RSPCA Standards cater for pigs' behavioural and physiological needs.


Meat chickens

RSPCA Standards ensure good bird welfare by focussing on housing conditions.



RSPCA Standards for turkeys focus on good housing conditions and enrichment.


Operations Manual