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  • A key role in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme
  • Strong Focus on Responding to Farmers and Supporting Certification
  • Full-time, Canberra-Based Role in Exceptional Office Team

The Role

The Certification Coordinator, as part of a team, coordinates the quality approval process for assessments required for the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. The role ensures effective day-to-day operation, planning, communication of on-farm assessments and the associated certification process.

Strict quality standards apply to this role – ensuring that buyers of animal based food products in Australia can be confident that their purchases are consistent with RSPCA’s Animal Welfare Standards. Extensive training will be provided on the standards and certification processes.

While the role is desk-based in Canberra, it involves maintaining continual contact with a team of on-site Farm Assessors across Australia and frequent liaison with farmers and producers who want to make sure their products are RSPCA Approved. There are also opportunities to get out on farm throughout the year as part of training.

Additionally, the role provides an opportunity to participate in the strategic development of Farm Animal Welfare in Australia by supporting and providing certification support as the RSPCA further develops its Standards in the coming years.

The Person

To be successful in this role, this team member will need to be quite exceptional. As well as being passionate about, and having a strong understanding of animal welfare and farm production, the successful applicant will also need to be a meticulous and detail-focused coordinator of quality evidence from a range of sources. You will need to be the type of person who can follow detailed quality standards accurately, assess evidence with insight and produce written reports of a high standard.

In addition, you will need to be able to juggle a number of assessment activities at the same time, working closely with the on-site assessors and producers from around Australia to meet demanding timescales. Your management of priorities in terms of reviewing documents and providing support to people in the field will need to be exceptional.

Personally, we need the sort of person who can demonstrate a track record of invariably meeting deadlines, accurate processing, communicating respectfully with clients and who loves working with others in a committed team.

While a degree qualification is not necessarily required, the written communication and data management skills demanded in this role are definitely at a tertiary level. A relevant degree might provide evidence of this, as would years of relevant experience.

About RSPCA Australia

The National Office of the RSPCA, where this role is located, is based in Deakin, Canberra. It provides a focus for all the State and Territory RSPCA organisations in the more strategic areas of influence on animal welfare – particularly in working with the Federal Government and other national organisations or companies that rely on RSPCA Approved certification.

The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is Australia’s leading farm animal welfare certification program. We work closely with farmers to make a positive impact on the lives of farm animals by providing an environment that meets their needs. Millions of hens, pigs, chickens, turkeys and salmon benefit each year from better farm conditions as a result of the work we do.

The RSPCA Australia Certification Body is responsible for assessment and certification activities for each of the Scheme’s Programs that includes conducting over 1000 assessments each year in all parts of the country.

The Scheme, and the Certification Body receive, generate, process, analyse and report on a significant volume of information for each Program and facilitate discussion and decision making based on this information. The operation of our certification systems is an essential part of our success.

Benefits of Working with RSPCA Australia

As you might expect, RSPCA is an organisation of people committed to Animal Welfare and this flows through into the type of workplace we all work hard to create – one that is supportive, challenging and friendly – and one driven by strong values of fairness and inclusion. We work hard to protect animals and meet the needs of our clients, but we don’t put unreasonable pressure on ourselves to meet meaningless demands or targets. We are a nice group of people, driven by our values and we think we are a great place to spend your working week.

And yes, we have dogs in our office to ground us and remind us why we’re there.

How to Apply

To apply, send us your detailed Resume and up to date Contact Details, but to make it easier for us, include a Covering Letter or some other document that gives us more specific information about the following:

  • The extent of your experience in working with Quality systems or similar regulated standards activities.
  • Any training or experience you have in processing, organising and reporting on client- facing processes or databases.
  • What is attracting you to apply for this role with the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

If you are short-listed for an interview – either face to face or by telephone – we will ask you for the best referees you have that are available and able to describe you at work.

Further Information

You don’t need to talk to the Contact Officer to apply for this role, but if you have specific questions that are not covered by the information above, call Rick Butler on (02) 6282 8300 or send an email to

For further information regarding RSPCA Australia go to and for further information regarding RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme go to

Applications close on Tuesday (COB) 15th February 2022.