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RSPCA Australia is looking for an individual highly skilled and credentialled in animal welfare, to join our team in advocating for improved animal welfare in Australia. Our team is among Australia’s leaders in various aspects of animal welfare and have a real impact on the policy and practical areas of animal welfare.

  • Flexible role – Full or part-time, Canberra-based, Work from Home or Remote
  • Allows specialisation in one or more areas of Animal Welfare
  • Salary Package negotiable depending on experience
  • Opens a dynamic and opportunity filled career in advising and researching in this important area


The Role

The nature of the work of the Scientific Officer means that most of the work can be completed in either an office or home environment over flexible hours. The team cooperates through the use of technology and getting together for workshops and conferences. The key responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing relevant scientific literature and preparing evidence-based information and advice on key policy areas
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with government, industry and RSPCA member societies to promote RSPCA Australia policies through the use of science
  • Collaborating with the campaigns and communication team to support campaign and communication activities on key animal welfare issues
  • Representing RSPCA Australia on relevant national committees and working groups involved in the development of animal welfare legislation, strategies and related plans and documents
  • Understanding RSPCA Australia policy/position and applying negotiation skills as required in order to advance animal welfare in key policy areas
  • Updating and developing RSPCA policy and position papers, discussion papers, research reports, information sheets and Knowledgebase articles
  • Responding to public, media and other enquiries
  • Representing RSPCA Australia in the media and other public forums
  • Preparing scientific and technical information and advice on relevant key policy areas for the RSPCA Australia Board and its subcommittees as required
  • Preparing submissions to government or external organisations on documents including, but not limited to, national Standards & Guidelines, industry-specific guidelines, and other documents relevant to RSPCA Australia policies.

The role is part of a committed and vibrant team of people who gain personal satisfaction from knowing that they are contributing to improving the welfare of animals through actively promoting science-based principles for their care and protection.


The Person

To be successful in this role, you will need to be capable of taking a leading role in the scientific and research-based advice relevant to an area of animal welfare. You will need to be skilled at researching issues and an excellent communicator, predominantly in writing. Given the nature of the role, you will also need to be able to work independently and manage your own time effectively to produce the desired outcomes, while still working collaboratively with the other members of the team.

Importantly, this opportunity is suitable for both those who are early in their scientific career as well as those who have established standing and recognition. We anticipate that a full-time role might be suitable for some, and a part-time role for those who would prefer a portfolio of interests to match their high level of expertise in an area of animal welfare.

Our team covers a wide variety of species and sectors including companion animals, horses, farm animals and wild animals. You may have interest in one of these specific areas or a broader skill set across multiple species.


About RSPCA Australia

The National Office of the RSPCA is based in Deakin, Canberra. It provides a focus for all the State and Territory RSPCA organisations in the more strategic areas of influence on animal welfare – particularly in working with the Federal Government and other national organisations.


Benefits of Working with RSPCA Australia

As you might expect, the RSPCA is an organisation of people committed to animal welfare and this flows through into the type of workplace we all work hard to create – one that is supportive, challenging and friendly – and one driven by strong values of compassion, courage, integrity, knowledge and tenacity. We work hard to protect animals and meet the needs of our stakeholders. We are a great group of people!

And of course, we have dogs in the office.


How to Apply 

Applications must be submitted by email to

To apply, send us your detailed Resume and up to date Contact Details, but to make it easier for us, include a Covering Letter or some other document that gives us more specific information about the following:

  • What is attracting you to apply for this role with RSPCA Australia
  • Your experience working in animal welfare including; a thorough understanding of animal welfare principles, including key issues in one or more areas of animal welfare (e.g. farm animals, companion animals, horses, wild animals etc);
  • An ability to apply your knowledge to research and investigate specific issues, and apply that research to writing submissions, policy and educational material;
  • Your personal attributes and how they help you in the work environment and to collaborate with others to achieve positive outcomes.
  • If you are short-listed for an interview – either in person, by phone or online – we will ask you for the best referees you have who are available and able to describe you at work.

If you are short-listed for an interview – either in person, by phone or online – we will ask you for the best referees you have who are available and able to describe you at work.



Further Information 

If you have specific questions that are not covered by the information above, call Suzie Fowler on our general office number or send an email to

Applications close on Monday 3rd April 2023