Here’s how you can dine out and support animal welfare

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Australians love dining out. There’s just something delightful about perusing a menu and tucking into a delicious meal you didn’t have to prepare yourself – even if it does stop you from ever scraping together a deposit for a house.

If you need an excuse to ditch the kitchen and eat out in style, we’ve got a good one: did you know that frequenting places that serve ethically sourced food is a great way to support animal welfare?

More and more businesses are acknowledging the importance of offering higher welfare options for caring customers, and it’s exciting to see this trend continue to grow. Unsure which of restaurants to support? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Wisely is an RSPCA initiative that celebrates venues with humane food on the menu. Simply type your postcode into the search engine and you’ll be able to see which restaurants and cafes in your area serve cage-free eggs. Can you believe that millions of cage eggs are going into food service every day?! While Australians are saying no to cage eggs in their shopping trolleys they’re often unknowingly supporting them while eating out. Choose Wisely makes eating humanely and supporting businesses with cage-free eggs on the menu a little easier.

We need your help though – if you know an eating spot that should be on the directory, encourage them to get on board with Choose Wisely or add them yourself as a customer suggestion. It’s free and easy for businesses to sign up and helps spread the word about ethical eating spots.

We admire all of the amazing industry foodies doing their bit to move Australia away from cages – they’re making a big impact! Awesome action is also being taken by some of the big names. In the last few years, Grill’d, Subway, Hungry Jacks and Ikea (just to name a few) have made the switch to cage-free eggs. Meanwhile Grill’d and Zambrero have also switched to 100% RSPCA Approved chicken. And although we’re only in February, we’re already celebrating a win following Nando’s announcement that they’re now serving RSPCA Approved chicken too.    

By supporting venues that care about higher welfare, you’ll be making a positive impact on the life of farm animals.  Next time you crave a cheeky smashed avo with poached eggs, choose a café that’s gone cage-free. That way, you can feel good about supporting higher welfare instead of feeling guilty about not saving for a million dollar high rise cupboard in the inner city.