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Each year, around three million live sheep, cattle, buffalo and goats are exported from Australia to be slaughtered for meat overseas.

Taken from Australian farms, or mustered from the bush, these animals endure a horrific journey.

Crowded onto huge ships, they’ll face rough conditions, extreme temperatures, high stocking densities and are forced to lie in their own waste, often for weeks on end.

As a result, these animals suffer terribly and many will die on board without even reaching their destination.

Those that survive are then subject to further cruelty. Live animal exports take Australian animals outside the reach and protection of Australian animal welfare laws and the regulations, including being killed while fully conscious.

At the same time, our trade in meat from animals that have been raised and humanely slaughtered here in Australia is much bigger and more valuable.

RSPCA Australia has long argued for an end to the live export of animals in favour of expending Australia’s chilled and frozen meat trade.

You can help end the cruelty by telling political leaders and your local representatives that live animal exports must stop.


Shocking footage of conditions on-board live animal export ships from Australia has emerged.

Click here to do something about it right now.

Click here to see the 60 Minutes story – please be warned, many viewers will find this distressing.



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