Sheep to Kuwait

Sheep to Kuwait


Aussie animals still suffering abroad

More than a year after the Federal Government implemented its Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) more footage has exposed the systems complete inability to protect Australian animals. This recent evidence from Kuwait shows a number of breaches to ESCAS and highlights once again why the Australian public can’t trust exporters to get it right.

The footage aired on Lateline shows what are believed to be Australian sheep being slaughtered outside of supply chain, without the required restraints and being thrown on top of one another while still conscious.

RSPCA says that this new evidence comes less than six months after these new regulations were introduced in Kuwait.

“Once again we have seen the failings of this regulatory system. First Indonesia, now Kuwait. How many times do we have to see these breaches before something more is done?” said Dr Bidda Jones, Chief Scientist, RSPCA Australia.