Puppy Farms

Puppy Farms

All across Australia dogs are being confined to cruel puppy farms (also knows as a puppy factory or puppy mill) and treated as nothing more than breeding machines, used to produce puppies for profit. These facilities operate under conditions that fail to meet the dogs’ behavioural, social and/or physiological needs. Puppies from these facilities can suffer from diseases and acute and chronic conditions and may also develop behavioural difficulties due to the conditions they were exposed to. 

Puppies and breeding animals kept on puppy farms live in appalling conditions. Dogs are often kept in overcrowded and filthy environments. Breeding animals may be confined permanently in small cages, never being allowed out for a walk, to play or express normal behaviours. Dogs can even suffer from a range of health problems. Dogs and puppies may also display behavioural problems as a result of not being socialised and being housed in conditions that fail to meet their needs.

Puppy farms produce all kinds of puppies for sale, purebreds, crossbred and mixed-breed dogs, so you cannot judge whether a dog has been bred in a puppy farm based on the breed or type of dog. Under current regulations, the only way for a buyer to know for sure is to visit the place in which the puppies were bred.

Puppy farms are usually large-scale commercial operations, but inadequate conditions may also exist in small volume breeding establishments which may or may not be run for profit.


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