Victorian puppy farm uncovered

Victorian puppy farm uncovered

More than 100 dogs have been rescued from a Victorian puppy farm. RSPCA Inspectors, veterinarians and a rescue team, along with police and council staff, attended the regional property and found one of the worst cases of animal cruelty in our recent history.

Today Tonight - 31/10/2013 - Horrific puppy farms

A large proportion of the dogs rescued, all of various breeds and ages, were kept in wire floor cages over their own excrement which was several centimetres deep. Wire floor cages are inhumane and totally unacceptable because they pose a significant risk of leg and paw injuries for dogs and especially puppies. Many of the dogs were in poor condition, physically and mentally, requiring immediate veterinary attention.

All of the dogs are currently being cared for by staff and volunteers at RSPCA Victoria. RSPCA inspectors expect to charge the proprietor with offences under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (VIC) shortly. The local council is responsible for the issue and audit of the breeder licence and any prosecutions under the Domestic Animals Act. It is under council authority to prevent the proprietor from selling future litters of puppies.

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