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In May 2018, the RSPCA released the report Identifying Best Practice Domestic Cat Management based on the draft discussion paper released for comment in 2017. The response during the 2017 two-month public consultation period was fantastic, with a total of 1159 people completing the online survey and 759 email responses including 106 separate submissions received from a range of stakeholders including those with interests in animal welfare, cat ownership, government and conservation. We are extremely grateful for the valuable contribution from those who provided comments. All but one of the recommendations were strongly supported. This is very encouraging as it suggests that future collaboration and consistency in approach to cat management should be achievable.

In addition to the report, a summary of the responses to the recommendations based on the online survey has been compiled. This document provides an overview of the level of support for each recommendation, the subsequent changes to that recommendation and extracts of comments from respondents.

It is hoped that this report will stimulate and assist discussions by all stakeholders to improve strategies and processes for future domestic cat management. The RSPCA will continue to work with governments, other organisations and cat owners to improve the lives and management of domestic cats throughout Australia.