What is the Good Egg Award?

quoteThe Good Egg Awards celebrate companies that are showing leadership by sourcing or switching to cage-free eggs.

By sourcing eggs in a responsible manner and turning away from battery cage eggs, the Awards recognise the opportunity for organisations to make a positive impact to laying hens in Australia.

Consumers are becoming more conscious shoppers. Including animal welfare as part of organisations’ corporate social responsibility not only improves welfare, it also meets the growing expectations of customers.

The RSPCA is recognised as Australia's leading animal welfare charity and is dedicated to driving continuous improvement for farm animals through positive engagement with industry. The RSPCA is proud to partner with Compassion in World Farming to present the Good Egg Awards in Australia. 

International winners say receiving a Good Egg Award and letting hens out of cages has made good business sense. Its boosted staff morale, improved brand image and reputation, and benefited
their bottom line.

Remember, every egg really does make a difference and together we can help get hens out of cages.