Meat exports vs Live exports – the real story

RSPCA Australia is calling for an increased focus on promoting Australia’s high-quality meat exports given its substantial contribution to the Australian economy.

Australia’s value added meat exports are the future for Australian livestock farmers.   While meat exports have increased by 34% since 2009 live exports have declined by 41% during the same period.

 “On average over the past ten years, meat exports have generated a staggering $6.8 billion annually, seven times more than the live export industry,” said Ms Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

“In order to support Australia’s future farmers and protect our animals, the government and livestock industries need to put far more energy into expanding this important trade.

“For years the government and the live export trade has been trying to convince Australians that live exports are the “main game” for producers - the real story shows that it simply is not true.

“In fact, a mere seven percent of cattle and six percent of sheep are exported live for slaughter, the remaining 93 percent of cattle and 94 percent of sheep are slaughtered here to Australian standards.

“Transitioning to a meat-only trade will protect the welfare of our animals and mean further investment and expansion of a more valuable trade,” said Ms Neil.

Join the call today #meatnotlive.

Infographic available for media use.