New evidence proves animal cruelty is core to business, live exporters unwilling, unable to change

Sunday, 22nd April 2018

The live sheep export industry is unwilling and unable to reform, and must be prevented from inflicting further animal cruelty and damage to our international reputation and Australia’s far

RSPCA welcomes call to immediately suspend live sheep exports

Friday, 20th April 2018

The RSPCA welcomes the proposal to halt live sheep exports until the current government review is concluded.

“Weasel words” and false assurances: RSPCA slams live exporters’ weak response to public outrage

Thursday, 19th April 2018

The RSPCA would welcome establishment of the long-awaited independent office to oversee animal welfare; but says it’s not a solution to the live export crisis and must be accompanied by a h

RSPCA calls for release of Maysora on-board footage as next live export ship sails into Fremantle

Tuesday, 17th April 2018
  • RSPCA calls for the release of footage captured on-board the troubled MV Maysora before it departed Fremantle last week

RSPCA offers independent observer as ship leaves with no changes to standards

Saturday, 14th April 2018

RSPCA Australia is writing to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and all major live exporter companies, proposing to place an RSPCA observer - independent of government and

BREAKING NEWS: Live sheep loaded under cover of darkness at Fremantle right now, with no advice of changes following shock evidence

Wednesday, 11th April 2018