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Now is your chance to help us make the biggest impact ever for animals in South Australia. By showing your support and speaking up for RSPCA South Australia's visionary new Animal Care Campus at Glenthorne Farm, you will directly help reduce animal suffering. How? By enabling us to place education at the core of everything we do. With modern facilities, can better educate South Australians and better care for animals in need. Please help us by acting now.


Please sign our petition to help our cause right now. We have a rare window of opportunity to show South Australia’s leaders that broad community support exists for RSPCA at Glenthorne Farm – we need your voice.


Help spread this important cause so your friends can help save animals, too. It's vital that as many South Australians as possible show their support by signing our petition.


Urge your local MP and election candidates to support RSPCA's new Animal Care Campus, and help us secure the $5 million in essential government funding needed. Without this, the project is unlikely to go ahead.


Use your voice to make the biggest impact – phoning your local MP is an incredibly powerful way to support our cause. When voters choose to speak, politicians listen. Download our guide and handy facts to assist with your call.


a. Add your voice to our call using the template below and we’ll make sure our South Australia’s political leaders hear what you have to say.

b. Your email will be sent direct to your local Member of Parliament, as well as election candidates in your area (where they have made their contact details publicly available).

Email Your Electorate

Please choose your electorate below and an email will be sent to your local MP and opposition candidate.

Not sure what electorate you live in? See an interactive map here:

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