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COVID-19 has already hit the RSPCA hard in many ways. The cancellation of upcoming events, the increased complexity in running our operations and major disruptions to our ability to generate income from corporate partnerships and donations is resulting in an increased strain across our entire organisation.

We know this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone. We want you to know that we're only asking for your help as we are obligated to do so. We have a responsibility to the animals in our care and we simply cannot do it without your help. Please donate so we can continue our vital work during these challenging times.

Your donation will go directly to supporting the work of your local RSPCA shelter.

$200 can save an icon

$200 could desex a dog or cat so that they can be adopted.


$100 helps stop cruelty

$100 could subsidise the cost of prosecuting a cruelty offender in court.


$50 to pursue justice

$50 could provide medicine for an animal recovering from surgery. 


$25 can improve lives

$25 could provide an orphaned animal with essentials like a bed, litter tray and toys for enrichment.


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