How to Join

How to Join

Giving farm animals a better quality of life

The RSPCA is Australia’s most trusted animal welfare organisation. Essential to the Approved Farming Scheme are robust standards and a rigorous assessment process, along with producers and brand owners that are committed to higher welfare farming.


Producers (including individuals or companies) that aspire to improve animal welfare on their farms, or wish to have their efforts to improve animal welfare recognised, can apply to join the Approved Farming Scheme.

To get started, we recommend reviewing the relevant species Standards, along with the Scheme’s Operations Manual.


Layer Hen Standards

Meat Chicken Standards


Pig Standards

Turkey Standards



Approved Farming Scheme Licensees can reference the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme on products that have been sourced from Approved farms.

Licensees receive the benefits of the RSPCA’s dedicated marketing activities promoting ‘RSPCA Approved’ to consumers.

If you’re a producer that markets your own products or a brand owner interested in becoming a Licensee and sourcing RSPCA Approved products - we’d love to hear from you. | 02 6282 8300