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The state and territory member Societies provide services to animals in need through their shelters and inspectorates. In the national office, RSPCA Australia works to influence animal welfare policy, practice and legislation across the country
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The RSPCA advocates for the welfare of animals across a number of industries, issues and platforms. Help from our supporters is important to progress change. Working together is key.
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Whether you're an individual or a business, there are multiple ways you can support the RSPCA
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The RSPCA is an independent, community-based charity providing animal care and protection services across the country.
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By choosing adoption, you’ll not only have the chance to make a friend for life, but you’ll be giving an animal a second chance and helping support the RSPCA.
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Workplace Giving allows employees to make regular donations from their pay to charities that have Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Our role

The RSPCA federation works collaboratively to make animals’ lives better

The RSPCA in Australia is a federation, with an RSPCA in each state and territory and RSPCA Australia as the national body. The RSPCA’s member Societies in each state and territory operate animal rehoming centres, investigate and prosecute animal cruelty complaints, advocate to improve the lives of animals, and educate the community on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. In the national office, RSPCA Australia works to influence animal welfare policy, practices and legislation across the country.

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Your support is essential

Help animals across Australia. Your passion for animal welfare will be reflected in our dedication and hard work.

The RSPCA receives thousands of animals every year in every state and territory in Australia

RSPCA Australia compiles national statistics on the number of animals received and cruelty complaints investigated. We also create and publish articles educating the community on animal welfare issues and animal care practices.
Animals cared for
In 2022-2023, the RSPCA cared for 18,778 dogs, 33,747 cats, 388 horses, 1,453 livestock, 6,424 small animals (such as mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish and ferrets) and 26,675 native and introduced wild animals.
Cases of cruelty investigated
In 2022-2023, the RSPCA investigated 58,923 cases of cruelty and made 237 prosecutions.
Knowledgebase articles published
The RSPCA Australia science team develops policy to help inform the public on best animal care practices, welfare issues across a range of sectors and the prevention of animal cruelty.
Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet

Every year, the RSPCA provides shelter to thousands of animals in need of a good home. By choosing adoption, you’ll not only have the chance to make a friend for life, but you’ll be giving an animal a second chance and helping support the RSPCA. Search for animals available for adoption and find out what you need to know before adopting.

Knowledgebase • Offsite

Do you have a question about animal welfare?

Visit the RSPCA Knowledgebase for informed answers on a huge range of issues. The Knowledgebase features hundreds of evidence-based articles on animal welfare issues, responsible pet ownership, and the RSPCA’s policies and positions.

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RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme

For 27 years, the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme has been improving the lives of Australia’s farmed animals.

The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is Australia’s leading independent certification scheme focused on animal welfare. We work closely with farmers to make a positive impact on the lives of Australia’s most intensively farmed animals by providing an environment that meets their needs. More than 5 billion hens, pigs, chickens, turkeys and salmon have benefitted from higher welfare conditions since the Scheme began.

Find out which brands have products with RSPCA Approved certification and learn about how together, we can improve the lives of Australian farm animals. Click here for the latest news.

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