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The state and territory member Societies provide services to animals in need through their shelters and inspectorates. In the national office, RSPCA Australia works to influence animal welfare policy, practice and legislation across the country
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The RSPCA advocates for the welfare of animals across a number of industries, issues and platforms. Help from our supporters is important to progress change. Working together is key.
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Whether you're an individual or a business, there are multiple ways you can support the RSPCA
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The RSPCA is an independent, community-based charity providing animal care and protection services across the country.
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By choosing adoption, you’ll not only have the chance to make a friend for life, but you’ll be giving an animal a second chance and helping support the RSPCA.
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Adopting a dog or puppy

Choosing to adopt a dog or puppy is an exciting time. However, there are many things to consider before adopting a dog to help ensure they're right for you.

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Adoption process

Matching the right people to the right dog is important to us at RSPCA.

Take your time to think about what type of dog you are after, and what type of dog is right for you and your family. Once you have spotted that special friend, RSPCA staff will talk to you about that particular dog, their needs, and their background. We'll also ask you questions about how they will live with you (such as if you have other pets). Above all else, our concern is the dog's welfare.

adopt a pet adopting a dog introduction
Selecting your dog or puppy

When it comes to selecting a dog or puppy, take your time to think about what type of dog you are after, and what type of dog is right for you and your family.

An RSPCA shelter is a fantastic place to start your search. There are many animals across the country who are looking for a new home and a loving family.

The RSPCA’s Smart Puppy and Dog Buyers Guide is a good starting point for all the information you need before you bring a new dog or puppy into your home.

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Caring for your dog or puppy

Caring for your dog or puppy

Bringing a new dog or puppy home is a wonderful, exciting experience. It is very important that you take the time to help your new family member feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings, so the whole family can enjoy this new relationship. You also need to be ready to begin the process of educating your dog, and be prepared to provide for all of their feeding, health, training and exercise needs.

Find out what you need to know about caring for your new dog or puppy on the RSPCA’s Knowledgebase.

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Love is Blind

Unfortunately, some breeds need more than unconditional love

Many breeds of dog have exaggerated physical features, which means they can’t breathe, walk or give birth normally. Many have chronic and painful ear, skin and eye problems. These problems prevent many dogs from having a normal and comfortable life.

This results from breeding that focuses on appearance rather than selecting traits that are best for the dogs’ health and well-being, often including breeding to pedigree 'breed standards'. That’s a real concern for owners - no one wants to be blind to the suffering of their much-loved pets.

When choosing your pet, it’s important to understand the specific needs and potential health issues that could affect certain breeds.

adopt a pet pet insurance
RSPCA Pet Insurance

Award-winning Pet Insurance for your furry family members

Like any member of your family, your pet can unfortunately and unexpectedly become ill or suffer an accident. Even expenses for annual routine care like vaccinations, teeth cleaning and flea, tick and worm control can come as quite a shock.

Imagine knowing your pet can be treated, but that it will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. RSPCA Pet Insurance may be able to assist with the cost of veterinary treatment.

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