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The adoption process

Owning a cat is a great experience as they are excellent companions. However, although cats are often independent and seem quite self-sufficient, it is important to remember that they do require lots of care and affection from their people. Before you adopt a cat please ensure that you have thought carefully about the responsibility of cat ownership.

Please visit the RSPCA to see all of the cats and kittens that we have available for adoption. All adult cats receive a behaviour assessment, and our staff will be able to offer advice on the particular cat that you have chosen. It is important to note any recommendations that staff make in regard to a particular cats' suitability to different home environments, such as those with small children and/or other resident cats. Our cats have been colour coded using our “Find Your Feline Friend” system to give you an indication of the family type that will suit them best. Above all else, our interest is in the welfare of the cat and making sure that they find a 'forever home'.

Each shelter will require an adoption application form to be filled out, and an additional 24-hour cooling off period may be required to give you the opportunity to ensure you have made the right decision. After this cooling off period, an interview can be arranged with an adoption officer to ensure that the best possible match has been made.

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Selecting a cat or kitten

An RSPCA shelter is a fantastic place to start your search. You will find animals available for adoption who are medically and behaviourally sound; most are perfectly healthy and sociable, and are simply waiting for a new home and a loving family. Please think about your next family member coming from the RSPCA.

For guidance on buying a feline and being a responsible owner, you can check out our Smart Kitten and Cat Buyer's Guide.

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Caring for your cat or kitten

Bringing a new cat or kitten home is a wonderful, exciting experience. It is very important that you take the time to help your new family member feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings, so the whole family can enjoy this new relationship.

Although cats are often independent and seem quite self-sufficient, it is important to remember that they do require lots of care and affection from their people.

The RSPCA recommends that owned cats should be kept safe and happy at home, ideally all of the time to protect them from the dangers of roaming. Cats should confined at a minimum from dusk to dawn. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents and fights and provide some protection to wildlife.

For information on how to care for your new cat, check out the RSPCA Knowledgebase.

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Keeping your cat safe and happy at home

Did you know that your cat can live a perfectly happy and safe life when kept contained to your property, if provided with everything that they need?

The RSPCA has developed a “Guide to Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy at Home”, to help cat owners care for their cats and protect them from the dangers of roaming.

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RSPCA Pet Insurance

Like any member of your family, your pet can unfortunately and unexpectedly become ill or suffer an accident. Even expenses for annual routine care like vaccinations, teeth cleaning and flea, tick and worm control can come as quite a shock.

Imagine knowing your pet can be treated, but that it will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. With RSPCA Pet Insurance we may be able to assist with the cost of the very best veterinary treatment, which your pet deserves.

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