Animal Welfare Wrap-up: Volume #11

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Welcome once again to our ‘Week in Animal Welfare’ roundup. Get comfortable in front of your keyboard and click through to read the latest news in animal welfare.

This week, there's been news on brachycephalic dogs (like French bulldogs, bulldogs and pugs) and greyhounds, plus well-deserved recognition for Prof Paul McGreevy and a peek behind the scenes at our RSPCA NSW Sydney shelter.


Study Identifies The Likely Genetic Mutation Responsible For Smooshed-Faced Dogs

A new study published in Current Biology looks at brachycephaly in dogs – the name for the smooshy-faced trait in some dogs as a result of selective breeding techniques – and what the exact genetic mutation is that causes it. As the story states, “Smooshed-faced dogs, aka brachycephalic dogs, may be cute, but their wide face and bug eyes aren't doing them any favours. Respiratory distress is common, and they tend to get more ocular injuries than other dogs.”
You can also read more about how brachycephaly affects the welfare of dogs at

Call out for greyhound adoptions

Greyhounds make fantastic pets and there are many out there looking for forever homes: “Ex-racing greyhounds are in oversupply and there is now a call-out for people to foster or adopt the dogs with rescue agencies unable to keep up with demand.” If you’ve ever thought about fostering or adopting a greyhound, we have a great booklet to help you build a lasting relationship with your future greyhound and understand their needs.

Dog wellbeing pioneer Prof McGreevy awarded in UK for life’s work

Professor Paul McGreevy has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Canine Health Awards for his contribution to canine welfare and behaviour, including his work with VetCompass and Dogmanship. Professor McGreevy was the University of Sydney’s first Professor of Animal Welfare Science and focuses on research into dog welfare and behaviour.

 A look inside the RSPCA in NSW

Channel 7’s The Morning Show visited RSPCA NSW’s Sydney shelter to discover how animals come into the organisations care, are looked after and readied for adoption. If you’re looking to add a furry, finned or feathered friend into your home, check out the incredible animals waiting for their forever homes on Adoptapet.