Animal Welfare Wrap-up: Volume #13

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Welcome once again to our ‘Week in Animal Welfare’ roundup. Get comfortable in front of your keyboard and click through to read the latest news in animal welfare.

Pugs, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Boston terriers: being crippled by cuteness

The Sydney Morning Herald’s look at the suffering of dogs bred to have exaggerated features was the biggest story on our social media this week, and highlighted the need for breeding standards to be changed to allow for dogs to live longer and healthier lives.

As writer Julie Power said, “Vets said nearly every short-faced dog needed surgery to address the snorts, the wheezing, the grunting, and the sleep apnoea that many people on social media find "cute". Those adorable YouTube videos of little dogs, mostly pugs, sleeping standing up? They can't breathe any other way.”

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Land clearing isn’t just about trees – it’s an animal welfare issue too

The Conversation this week looked at how land clearing can harm animals and just how many are killed every year across Australia. Curtin University Lecturer High Finn who conducted the study with his colleague Nahiid Stephens stated, “…this harm to animals is largely invisible, unlike the obvious effects of clearing on trees and other plants. But just because something is invisible, that does not mean it should be ignored.”

Here’s what you need to know about exotic pets in Australia

The Conversation also looked at exotic animals in Australia and the importance of registration of these animals in order to determine actual population and to help prevent the animals being released into the wild.

Dogs elected as mayor – yes, you read that right!

Here’s a fun story to round out the week! Mashable has written up its list of 5 top elected animals mayors, and outlined their key political accomplishments. File this one away for the next time you're feeling disillusioned with politics!

[Image of Duke, the dog Mayor of Cormorant, from Facebook at].