Four restaurant chains with humane food on the menu

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Higher welfare food is becoming more and more accessible, and it’s not only supermarkets and boutique restaurants that are catching on. A growing number of restaurant chains are also sourcing ethically produced products for their menus.

It’s genuinely inspiring to see just how many eating spots are prioritising the needs of animals in the journey from paddock to plate. In particular, we’re seeing an increase in the number of businesses using chicken that has been farmed according to the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards – this is good news for millions of chickens.

Our Choose Wisely initiative makes it easy to find venues putting humane food on the menu. Simply type your postcode into search engine and you’ll be able to see which restaurants and cafes in your area use cage-free eggs. Many are also going further by choosing to source higher welfare chicken and pork.

You probably know about some of the places that have prioritised humane food, but we bet others might surprise you. 

Next time you’re looking to grab takeaway or sit down for a quick and tasty meal, consider trying one of these venues. Whether you’re after a burger, a burrito, a salad or a delicious pita, there’s something for everyone:    


When it comes to running an ethical business, Zambrero is walking the walk and talking the talk. Their menu is made with the freshest ingredients – including RSPCA Approved chicken. Plus, for every burrito or bowl purchased, a meal is given to someone in need – Zambrero’s Plate4Plate initiative has seen more than 11 million meals donated to people across Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Nando’s has always been well-known for their flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. This famous chicken is now 100% RSPCA Approved. Birds on RSPCA Approved farms enjoy an active, healthy life, with good lighting, room to move and can perch, dustbathe and forage.

Zeus Street Greek

Not only is the food at Zeus Street Greek fresh and delicious, Zeus also made the humane switch with all chicken on the menu coming from RSPCA Approved farms where the birds have the freedom and space to move, forage and dustbathe.


Who doesn’t love a good burger? Grill’d were early adopters of adding cage-free eggs to their menu and more recently switched to sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken for their burgers and salads. All of Grill’d’s chicken comes from birds raised in an environment that provides for their health and welfare.