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For the first time, we have evidence of the shocking conditions on five seperate voyages on-board a live animal export ship from Australia.

The evidence – provided by a concerned whistle-blower working on the vessel - finally shows what it’s really like on board a standard long-haul live export voyage from Australia to the Middle East.

This isn’t one bad journey, one bad exporter, or a few animals that have slipped outside the system.

This is what’s happening to animals routinely, under Australian standards, and under the full control of the Australian Government, live export companies and the live export industry.

This is the everyday reality for sheep live-exported from Australia.

We watch as conditions rapidly deteriorate along the three-week journey, as sheep suffer and die, surrounded by sickness, death and waste.

You can watch the story here, but please be warned - it’s very distressing.


Help stop the suffering and end long-haul live exports of sheep by writing to the Federal Minister for Agriculture, The Honourable David Littleproud MP


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