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  The Issue

Right now in Australia there still are more than 11 million hens confined to battery cages, nearly 70% of the total number of hens in the country.

Advances in our understanding of hen welfare have shown the harmful impacts battery cages have on layer hens, and yet the cages remain.

We need an industry-wide phase-out, backed by legislation, to end battery cages for good.



 Take Action

Millions of hens are suffering every day in battery cages. It doesn’t have to be this way. Add your voice to our call for a nationwide legislative phase-out.



Start freeing millions of Australian layer hens from cages today by writing to say...

You want to be able to buy their cage-free eggs without supporting cruel battery cages

You want them to stop investing in battery cages

You want them to set a date to end battery cage production altogether

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