2012 - Peter Sandoe

2012 - Peter Sandoe

Public lectures

Animal welfare & ethics: Where does science end and ethics begin?

Peter Sandøe, Professor of Bioethics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


The keynote speaker at the 2012 RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar was Dr Peter Sandøe.

To take advantage of his visit, RSPCA Australia, in collaboration with the University of Queensland, Melbourne University and Murdoch University hosted a series of public lectures in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth at which Peter Sandøe further elaborated on the topic of animal welfare and ethics.

A public lecture to challenge your thinking on ethical issues!

  • Is there a clear distinction between animal welfare science and the ethical discussions about what is right and wrong in our dealings with animals?
  • Does it matter how animal welfare is defined?
  • What are the ethical assumptions affecting the study of animal welfare?
  • Why do these assumptions vary depending on whether we’re talking about farm animals or companion animals?
  • How can researchers present results in a way that makes their ethical assumptions transparent?

Miss the public lecture series? Click here to listen to the Melbourne lecture.