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Australian greyhounds are being exported to appalling conditions across Asia where they face cruel treatment and the very real possibility of being raced to injury and death. The Australian Government continues to allow the export of racing greyhounds, creating a loophole for any owners and trainers wanting to ignore industry export rules.

The Government can end this

The Australian Government has the power to stop the suffering of future greyhounds by ending this export practice once and for all.

Exported to uncertain futures

Greyhounds exported to China, Macau, Hong Kong and Vietnam can face continual racing and grossly inadequate conditions and care.

Case Study: Macau

700 Australian greyhounds currently live at the Macau Canidrome where 20 to 30% of dogs are injured at any one time and on average 30 dogs are killed every month.

With 1278 racing greyhounds exported overseas in the past two years alone, the Australian Government must act to protect future greyhounds from this cruel fate. It’s time for greyhound exports to end.