Consumer demand + science = better animal welfare

The latest figures released by RSPCA Australia show more than 220 million farm animals lived a better quality of life thanks to the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme in 2014. Since it began more than 315 million animals have been farmed to higher welfare standards under the Scheme.

“Tough but fair” is how RSPCA Approved producers describe the Scheme which has seen  more than 842,000 layer hens, 773,000 pigs, 990,000 turkeys and 313 million meat chickens benefit from the RSPCA’s standards since the Scheme started.

“We’re incredibly proud of the positive impact the Scheme and its many dedicated producers have made to the welfare of some of Australia’s most intensively farmed animals,” said Ms Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia.

The Scheme is part of the RSPCA’s efforts to improve the lives of farm animals and is underpinned by robust, science-based animal welfare standards and a rigorous on-farm assessment process that address both the physical and behavioural needs of the animal.

“Community concern for animal welfare is driving the demand for higher welfare products,” said Ms Neil.

“With science-driven standards and rigorous on-farm assessments, RSPCA Approved products are the trustworthy choice to supply this consumer-driven demand.

“At the same time, our standards provide a starting point for industry, retail and government to develop animal welfare policies that will result in truly meaningful improvements to the lives of the millions of farm animals across Australia,” said Ms Neil.

The latest impact report video can be viewed here.