Time for bi-partisan support on cosmetic testing

RSPCA Australia has called on the Coalition Government, Greens and independent MPs and Senators to support the Ethical Cosmetics Bill 2016, to be introduced today by the Australian Labor Party.

RSPCA Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Bidda Jones, has called on the Minister for Rural Health, Senator Fiona Nash to guarantee passage of the Bill, which will end the use of live animals in cosmetics testing and the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

“This Bill mirrors the stringent regulation in the EU, which also prohibits the sale of cosmetics which have been tested on animals,” Dr Jones said.

“RSPCA Australia has been consulting with all political parties on this issue for several years, and we have overwhelming support from Australians.

“During the RSPCA’s global Makeover the World campaign, over 418,000 emails were sent by consumers to major cosmetic companies demanding an end to animal testing.

“Feedback from that campaign convinced us Australians are shocked at the thought animal testing on cosmetics is still carried out. They want to be confident their cosmetics are produced humanely.

“Yet, our research indicates that an estimated 27,000 animals are still being used for cosmetic testing around the world every year.

“RSPCA Australia will be approaching the Coalition in the coming weeks to argue that the Bill should have bi-partisan support, and we know we will have the majority of Australians behind us.”

Australians’ views were supported in November 2014, when the following multi-party motion was passed by the Australian Senate.

(i)   the majority of Australians believe the use of animal testing to evaluate safety of cosmetic products and ingredients is unnecessary, and
(ii)   the regulatory framework in Australia for chemicals, including cosmetics, is complex; and
(b)   urges the Government to aspire to eliminate unnecessary animal test methods to evaluate
safety of cosmetic products and ingredients.

“This is one issue where everyone should agree, and party politics should be put aside,” said Dr Jones.