Greyhound industry group promoting illegal live animal coursing

A group purporting to represent Australian greyhound breeders, owners and trainers is actively promoting the cruel sport of live animal coursing, which is illegal in every state and territory of Australia.

In a Facebook post of Tuesday 31 January at around 12.15pm, National Greyhound Racing United shared an Irish video of live animal coursing with its Facebook following of just over 20K people.

The group described the cruel, so-called sport as ‘the grassroots and the oldest and most beautiful pure form of our sport’ and ‘what sight hounds were born to do’.

They also described ‘feeling nostalgic’ for the activity, in which greyhounds are set to chase a live animal (usually a rabbit or hare).

Releasing a captive animal for dogs to chase – regardless of whether the dogs are muzzled or not – is prohibited in all states and territories of Australia.

In February 2015, a Four Corners program revealed shocking footage of widespread ‘live baiting’ in greyhound racing, with live piglets, possums and rabbits being used to ‘blood’ greyhounds during secret race training sessions.

Under scrutiny following the series of live baiting scandals, pro-racing advocates have repeatedly stated that live baiting is rejected by the industry, is not occurring or is not widespread, and is not supported or undertaken by the vast majority of racing participants.

This promotion by National Greyhound Racing United clearly confirms otherwise.

While the greyhound industry in Australia continues to be dominated by people who think illegal activity and animal cruelty is acceptable, the industry has no hope for reform and survival.