RSPCA Animal Welfare Seminar today

Is it possible to kill animals raised for food humanely? And if so, how?

These questions and more will be answered at the RSPCA’s annual Animal Welfare Seminar, which will be held in Canberra today and attended by around 120 participants from industry, government and academia.

Almost 700 million animals are raised for meat in Australia every year.

However, while Australians are becoming more aware of where their meat comes from, a real glimpse into how animals are actually slaughtered to feed the population is rare.

Research suggests more than 1 in ten Australians eat little or no meat, and that number is growing, with many driven by concerns over intensive farming practices including slaughter.

The RSPCA advocates for the humane treatment of all animals at every stage of their life, from birth through to death.

Ensuring a humane death for animals produced for food, be it on farm or at slaughter, is an intrinsic aspect of good animal husbandry.

Getting this right requires an understanding of animal pain and consciousness, the adoption of new research findings and improved practices – all aspects that will be discussed at this year’s Seminar.

Experts from around the world will present on a range of topics, including:

  • current and new technologies for humane slaughter and on-farm killing of farm animals
  • assessing the humaneness of current and new technologies
  • the welfare impacts of halal and kosher slaughter requirements.


2018 RSPCA ANIMAL WELFARE SEMINAR:  Ensuring a humane death for farm animals.

TIME:  9.30am – 4.15pm

DATE: Thursday 22 February 2018

VENUE: Alastair Swayn Theatre, 33-35 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport, ACT