RSPCA statement on suspension of Emanuel Exports' live export licence.

We have long said that if the laws were enforced, live export would become impossible. This is evidence of that.

Make no mistake, Emanuel’s is not the exception. What we saw in the 60 Minutes footage included routine conditions across multiple voyages. This is what long-haul live sheep export looks like, and it must not continue.

We understand there are sheep currently held in Fremantle that were to be boarded on the Al Shuwaikh, due to arrive any day. We expect these sheep have now been saved from a horrendous ordeal, and will be processed locally in accordance with Australian standards, with the utmost concern for their welfare.

This is another step toward the inevitable end of cruel long-haul live sheep exports.

Now is the time for government to put the best interests of Australian sheep producers and animals first, to provide certainty for the future, and legislate for an orderly phase-out.

These comments may be attributed to RSPCA Australia Senior Policy Officer Dr Jed Goodfellow.