The RSPCA fears for the future of Australian animals following a shocking decision by the Federal Government to renege on its role in leading animal welfare improvements across all species.

In a letter to stakeholders, the Federal Government today announced it will be abandoning its support for the delivery of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy along with forgoing its leadership role in collaboratively progressing animal welfare matters with state/territory governments.

“At a time when the Australian community is becoming increasingly interested in animal welfare, it’s extremely disappointing that this government seems to be turning its back on the companion animals, farm animals, wildlife and other animals that were covered by its animal welfare strategy,” said Ms Heather Neil, RSPCA Australia CEO.

“The Australian Government has a responsibility to lead the federation in improving the lives of animals; today’s decision will see our nation continue to have inconsistent, patchwork regulations.

“Our job as Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation has just become a whole lot harder as the welfare of animals in Australia slips off the priority list for our nation’s leaders,” said Ms Neil.

Media contact: Elise Meakin, 0419 748 907, emeakin@rspca.org.au.