The RSPCA is concerned those criticising Woolworths’ decision to remove all cage eggs from Australian Capital Territory shelves, and nationally by 2018, have lost sight that this important step will deliver a better life for Australian hens.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said Australian supermarkets don't make decisions about what they stock lightly, and this is a clear response to consumer preferences and demands.

“Consumers themselves are showing that the Australian public does not think cages provide properly for animals, and supermarkets in Australia are listening,” said Ms Neil.

“Shoppers will continue to have a number of different cage-free options at different price points.

“The RSPCA encourages consumers to continue to buy the highest cage-free welfare they can afford.

“It’s important to remember that current legislation  does not meet the welfare needs of hens, and restricts their most basic natural behaviours such as stretching their wings, dust bathing and laying their eggs in a nest,” said Ms Neil.