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1. Legislate an end date for Australia’s live sheep exports in this Parliamentary term

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of live animals2 despite more than two thirds of Australians wanting an end to the trade.3 Our nation is also the fifth largest exporter of live sheep4 despite contemporary animal welfare science proving sheep suffer extremely poor welfare when shipped to the Northern Hemisphere. A more humane alternative is to phase-out live sheep exports in favour of a chilled and frozen-meat only trade. This will result in better welfare for sheep and more jobs for Australians.5


2. Provide national leadership by establishing an independent statutory agency for animal welfare

National leadership is crucial for continuous improvement, coordination and consistency across states and territories. Australia’s national standing for animal welfare is poor because of inconsistent laws, competing roles within government and complex processes around animal welfare standards. Achieving strong animal welfare standards within a federated system of government needs national leadership and coordination. A federal independent statutory agency for animal welfare is vital to enable consistency, expertise and impartiality, and improve the welfare of production animals in Australia.

Take Action

Live exporters have had chance after chance, and they’ve continually failed community expectations and disrespected our laws - bringing embarrassment upon the government and international shame upon our farmers. Enough is enough.

Please write to your MP now and urge them enforce our existing live export regulations. Your email will also be sent to the Hon David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture.