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Cheeky Chooks Seasons is here - find out more!

Now available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play, Steam and  Itch.

  • Completely free and no in-game purchases
  • Different types of chooks to discover and hatch
  • Each chook is unique
  • Mini games to keep you on your toes
  • Build your farm with your own personal flair and add everything from sandpits to juke boxes
  • Collect and sell your eggs, keeping track of the money you’re making and spending

And now for the boring grown up stuff...

Cheeky Chooks is a free, educational, computer game about farming egg laying hens, created for 8-13 year olds with easy links to the Australian curriculum.

The game introduces players to the quirky and inquisitive nature of layer hens and highlights the things they need to have a good life. With 5+ million hens still confined to battery cages in Australia, Cheeky Chooks aims to help people form a connection with hens through a fun and interactive resource. RSPCA Australia has developed materials for a classroom activity that prompts discussion about animal’s needs, and what animal welfare is. This activity can be modified for parents or guardians wishing to spark conversations about animal welfare at home and how it relates to the food we eat - whether it be at home, at school or when eating out.

Cheeky Chooks Cards

Educational Activity

Download our free classroom activity materials including Cheeky Chooks cards and lesson plan.


Cheeky Chooks update

Cheeky Chooks Seasons is here! Take on the new Adventure Mode and combat the elements across the changing seasons and weather. Complete all new missions and unlock new items and buildings and over 40 NEW Chooks and the arrival of LEGENDARY CHOOKS!

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