Scientific Seminar

2003 Humane pest control

Solutions for achieving humane vertebrate pest control

Tuesday 25 February 2003, Australian War Memorial, Canberra 

RSPCA Australia/AWC/VPC joint workshop

Development of a national strategy towards humane vertebrate pest control

It was clear from the 2003 Seminar presentations and discussions that, while animal welfare is regarded as an extremely important issue in vertebrate pest management, there is currently very little practical commitment to addressing humane control. The overwhelming recommendation arising from the Seminar was for the urgent development of a national strategy to improve the humaneness of vertebrate pest management.

In August 2003, a workshop was held in Melbourne to develop such a strategy. The workshop was jointly organised by RSPCA Australia, the Animal Welfare Centre (a joint centre of the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Department of Primary Industries (Victoria) and the CSIRO) and the national Vertebrate Pests Committee.

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