Scientific Seminar

When coping is not enough -
Promoting positive welfare states in animals

Tuesday 26 February 2013, National Convention Centre, Canberra 

The 2013 Seminar explored animal welfare assessment in the context of quality of life and positive welfare states and how these approaches may change the direction in which animal welfare science and welfare assessment is headed.  The concept of animal welfare and what it represents has evolved over the last couple of decades, from Don Broom’s ‘coping’ based definition and a focus on biological functioning to, more recently, the promotion of positive affective states and the absence of negative ones. Speakers at the 2013 Seminar addressed the practical side of promoting positive welfare states from the perspective of areas relevant to RSPCA’s work, i.e. companion animals, working animals, farm animals, zoos, and animals used in research.


RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar 2013


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