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Animal Welfare Wrap Up: Volume #14

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Monday, 24 July 2017

Here’s your quick wrap up of some of the big stories in animal welfare from around the globe:

Cat survives antifreeze poisoning after vodka given as antidote

The quick thinking of RSPCA Queensland’s animal hospital team at Wacol saved the life of a kitten by using an unlikely antidote -- vodka. The kitten, which has since been named ‘Tipsy’, was found close to death after ingesting toxic agent antifreeze. As the ABC reported, “Vodka worked because the enzyme in the cat's body that metabolised the antifreeze, also metabolised the alcohol.”

US greyhound racing ‘has a drug problem’

Reports out of Florida show that over a four-month period, 12 greyhounds have tested positive to cocaine on 18 occasions.  Florida’s greyhound racing industry has seen a loss in popularity in recent years, which “…can be traced in part to persistent complaints about inhumane and cruel animal treatment.” The Washington Post also states, “Forty states [in the U.S] now outlaw greyhound racing. Since 1991, 43 tracks have closed or ended live events.”

The dark side of wildlife tourism: thousands of Asian elephants held in cruel conditions

World Animal Protection has found three out of four elephants used for tourist entertainment, such as rides, are being kept in abhorrent and cruel conditions across Asia. As The Guardian reports, “The captive elephant population is now thought to make up one-quarter to one-third of the remaining elephants in the region.”

Expedia Announces Changes to Wildlife Animal Attraction Booking

Major travel booking service Expedia, Inc. has announced that many attractions involving certain wildlife will no longer be available for bookings as the company works with major animal protection organisations to identify tourist activities that harm an animal’s welfare. Expedia will also use an education portal to provide information to prospective travellers searching for animal attractions on their online sites.

#DoSomething Day

July 19 saw the inaugural Do Something Day celebrated. A day where Australians did whatever they could to help the causes they believe in. To help celebrate and fuel ideas on how to help Aussies could help all creatures great and small, we put together a handy list of ways to help the RSPCA with everything from volunteering, adopting, and everything in between to celebrate the day. The RSPCA of course welcomes and appreciates all your efforts to help on any day of the year!

Spotlight on social media

Here are the posts that got you clicking, sharing and liking:

Vincent the beautiful cat with 50% less ears than other cats who is currently looking for his forever home at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter.

There was a lot of love for the happy, bounding footage of Boris the Great Dane who was over the moon at being adopted by his forever home after being cared for by RSPCA Tasmania,

Guinea Pig Appreciation day saw some great tips for caring for your furry little friend being shared from the always helpful RSPCA Knowledgebase.

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