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Here’s an egg-citing idea to make Father’s Day eggstra special…

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Thursday, 29 August 2019

With Father’s Day looming, many of us are preparing to take the special people in our lives out for brunch or lunch this weekend. Why not make it a double celebration? Take the cage-free pledge to support layer hens, and choose cafes or restaurants that are saying no to the battery cage!

Layer hens are curious, intelligent and social creatures, who suffer immensely when confined to a cage. The good news is, with more and more Australian cafes and restaurants choosing to only serve cage-free eggs, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a great meal out while supporting hen welfare.

The RSPCA’s Choose Wisely directory lists venues around the country who serve higher welfare ingredients. We caught up with a few awesome businesses listed on the directory to find out why sourcing cage-free eggs was important to them.

Located on the bustling High St in Prahran, Victoria, Small Print Pizza Bar was founded on the ethos of ‘making smart choices and thinking holistically about every aspect of food production’.  Co-founders Adam Chapman and Phil Gijsbers see serving cage-free eggs as a fundamental part of that philosophy.

“It is imperative for us to be using ingredients that support our ethical stance,” Adam says. “All hospitality businesses should be putting ethical choices above profits for the sake of the animals and the planet.”

For the brains behind Nomad at Surry Hills, NSW, it’s a similar philosophy about making a positive impact on our planet that drives their commitment to cage-free eggs.

“We have a very strong environmental focus across all we do at Nomad so buying ethically is a huge priority for us. We've only got one planet so it's our responsibility to do what we can to support ethical growers who are promoting healthy farming practices,” Jacqui Challinor, Head Chef at Nomad says.

If you have a sweet tooth, is there anything sweeter than knowing you’re doing the right thing for hens while enjoying a special treat? Nodo Donuts  in Queensland not only have a truly amazing selection of gourmet donuts, but they’re putting hen welfare front and centre.

Serving cage-free eggs was a no-brainer for owner Kate Williams, and it connects her business to their community.

“We have such a beautiful and loyal group of customers and suppliers who are all passionate about leading a healthy, responsible lifestyle,” Kate says. Nodo is just one more part of the movement.

If you need that hearty meal to keep the energy going for evening plans on Father’s Day, you can’t go past a delicious gourmet burger. Moo Burgers in Sydney have you covered, and are serving up cage-free eggs in their fantastic dishes.

As Adam Gerondis, owner of Moo, says, it all comes down to practicing what you preach. “It’s always been important for me to know where my food has been sourced from and I only use ethically sauced produce so I wanted my customers to also experience those products. I can’t expect them to eat something I wouldn’t eat myself.”

 And finally, what better way to recover from Father’s Day than to kick off with breakfast at the aptly named The Morning After in Brisbane?

They have the delicious breakfast dishes to keep you happy.

“My highlight on our menu is the potato rosti,” Co-owner, Yianni, says. “It comes down to the layers! Once you crack the soft poached egg (off course a cage-free egg) and that yolk runs down all through the layers, the garlicky mushroom oils through the friarelli and the earthy notes from the friarelli themselves, all into the crunchy moist potato rosti, all the flavours are locked and trapped into one place for your mouth to have a party!” Who can say no to that?

Take the cage-free pledge and find other venues in your area that are serving cage-free eggs on Choose Wisely today.

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