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How to help animals during the bushfire crisis

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Our thoughts remain with all those affected by bushfires across the country. Countless animals, including pets, wildlife and livestock have also been impacted by this terrible crisis.

Below is information on how you can help animals in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.


If you'd like to offer your time and skills as a volunteer, please contact one of the RSPCAs below directly.

Likewise, if you'd like to donate goods to help animals affected by the fires, please also contact one of the state and territory Societies below directly.


Please read on to find out how to donate to your state or territory RSPCA.


RSPCA NSW is working hard on the ground to support companion animals, and to reach and assess affected livestock. You can support their efforts by donating to their bushfire appeal.

To support wildlife, read this important update from WIRES.


RSPCA VIC is one of the agencies active under the Victorian Emergency Animal Welfare Plan, and is working on the ground to support animals affected by the fires. You can support their efforts by donating directly.

To support wildlife, read this important update from Wildlife Victoria.

To report or seek help with injured livestock, contact Agriculture Victoria on 1800 226 226.


RSPCA QLD’s wildlife hospital has been assisting wildlife affected by bushfires continuously since last November, and continues to help injured animals at this time. You can support their work by donating.

For any enquiries relating to injured wildlife, livestock or pets, call RSPCA QLD directly on 1300 ANIMAL.


RSPCA SA is working hard to support as many animals as possible during this crisis, including through emergency boarding where possible. You can contact them on 1300 477 722, and support their efforts by donating.

For injured wildlife, contact South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management on 0477 055 233

For livestock queries, contact the PIRSA 24-hour emergency hotline on 1800 255 556


RSPCA ACT is working to support animals where possible during this crisis, including through emergency boarding. For more information, contact the team on 6287 8100 or email rspca@rspca-act.org.au.

You can support their efforts by donating

Injured wildlife can be brought to RSPCA ACT for treatment. The Shelter is located at 12 Kirkpatrick Street, Weston.


For injured wildlife, please contact the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.


For injured wildlide, please contact Native Animal Rescue.

RSPCA WA is currently on standby, and is ready to assist with animals affected by fires in WA when required. You can find out more by reading their statement here.

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