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This Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about why we love our pets

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Who said February 14th has to be about roses, chocolates, prixe fixe menus and dashed expectations? We’ve decided that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate another kind of love that plays an important part in our lives. 

We reached to our lovely supporters on social media and asked them to tell us why they love the animals in their lives so much. Here’s what they said*:

They make wonderful companions

“My boy Oska is a red cloud Kelpie X – almost four years old. He is so loyal and loving! He is my best friend and loves affection, always greets me with a smile. He loves everyone. My blue-eyed boy has stolen my heart.” – Alison

“When my dog was alive, she was very loyal to me and was my best friend. She always smiled at me and made me smile when I was down.” – Cassy

“I love that my pets and I look after each other with love and comfort and companionship.” – Sophie

“A non-English speaking, furry, warm, easy to please entity that enjoys my company even when I am not doing anything, just hanging about. Ahh bliss.” – Karen 

They are incredibly loving

“I love that my greyhound Pippa comes and ‘thanks me’ after she’s been fed…she walks over to me and either nuzzles into me or looks up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. So much love.’ – Letitia

“I love our dogs so much. They are so loving, devoted and are ALWAYS happy to see me. They make me laugh and they calm my soul.” – Julie

“I volunteer at the local shelter for my pet fix. I give and receive lots of love from the cats and kittens.” – Janelle

“I love their unconditional, gentle and never ending love. Morning cuddles, the talking back, the ‘yes you’re home’ excitement and the cuddles which quickly turn into ‘okay, that’s enough love now, feed me’” – Natalie

 “The thing I love most about my purrbaby is when she closes her eyes and purrs as I scratch her head. Nothing makes me happier. Oh, well perhaps her head boops.” – Candy

“I love how my cat Bella is so sooky in the mornings and wants to be constantly patted! And the only time she will sit on my knee is when I have ice cream! She’s my feisty girl and I wouldn’t be without her.” – Karen


They cheer us up when we need it most

 “When I walk through the front door after having a bad day dealing with humans, my dog greets me with pure love and instantly changes my mood.” – Julie

“I have incredibly severe mental health issues and my rats get me through every day. They keep me out of hospital.” – Sophie

“Even if I’ve had a really poopy day, my budgerigar’s enthusiastic greeting, head-bobbing, and general silliness never fail to make me smile!’ – Katie

“I’ve had episodes of depression…but because of my pug, those days are gone. I’ve become happier and healthier because of him.” – Olivia

“My two fur babies, a staffy called Bonnie and a ragdoll called Clyde have been my life savers since my marriage broke down. They give me so much unconditional love every day and certainly make me smile.” – Jan


They are capable of amazing acts

“I adopted Andy from your Malaga refuge nine years ago on Valentine’s Day, he’s 12 now and the love of my life…Andy helps me with my PTSDF after my military service, he deserves a medal.’ – Sandy

“I do home dialysis three times a week and my goldie comes in to check on me every half an hour. He gives me a lick on the leg and then wanders back out.” – Tina

“The first family dog – a Kelpie named Jesse – saved my brother when he was just a toddler. He got through the home gate on to the busy road out front and sat in the middle. Jesse followed him and barked furiously until Mum found him.” – Sara Kate


The team at RSPCA Australia would like to wish you and your animal companions a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking to welcome a pet into your family?  Visit www.adoptapet.com.au to check out the animals available for adoption from RSPCA shelters around the country.

*Submissions have been edited for clarity

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