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Why big businesses like Sodexo are making the switch to cage-free eggs

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Tuesday, 13 November 2018

As the fight to free hens from battery cages continues, more and more companies are showing their support for animal welfare by sourcing cage-free eggs. 

Some of Australia’s biggest and best-known brands have listened to the concerns of their customers and made the switch to cage-free eggs. And while you’ll recognise the names of brands like Grill’d, McDonald’s and Subway who have already made the switch there are other businesses making a big difference behind the scenes too. Operating in 80 countries, Sodexo is a company that serves over 100 million consumers across the globe each day. With a huge capacity and commitment to make a positive difference to the way animals are farmed for food, Sodexo have shown their commitment to sourcing humanely farmed food by switching to using only cage-free fresh eggs in Australia – this is great news for Aussie hens!

Cage-free ahead of schedule

As well as offering a huge range of facilities management services to Australian businesses, Sodexo are also responsible for catering and food services across a range of sectors, including mining, corporate, education and health care - sourcing 10 million eggs every year in Australia alone. The fact these eggs are now completely cage free is a huge win for animal welfare. And to make matters more impressive, this achievement has come seven years ahead of schedule!

“A growing number of consumers around the world care about animal welfare in production,” says Sodexo Australia Country President Mark Chalmers. “We’re pushing to ensure our supply chains are humane and sustainable, with animal treatment as a top priority.”

Inspiring others

As one of the companies being celebrated by the RSPCA’s Cage Free and Proud campaign, Sodexo hopes this move will help encourage other businesses to follow suit and go cage free.  

Sodexo purchase a quarter of a billion eggs each year in 80 different countries. Going cage free in Australia is likely to have a major impact on the welfare of hens internationally, by proving that it’s possible to source healthy, safe and affordable cage-free eggs on a large scale.

“Going cage free is part of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 strategy, the company’s roadmap for the next stage of its corporate responsibility journey covering issues ranging from animal welfare and waste reduction to improving gender diversity and stopping hunger,” Mark says.

 “As a global company, it’s our responsibility to lead by example, which is why we are dedicated to achieving our corporate responsibility targets, and encourage other companies, both large and small, to follow suit.”

Showing change is possible

While most Australians choose cage-free eggs when they’re shopping at the supermarket, there are still around 10.7 million hens living in battery cages. This is because cage eggs are now mostly used in food service and manufacturing – meaning you might be consuming them in restaurants, cafes or packaged and processed foods without even knowing.

This is why the efforts of Sodexo and other leading brands is so important. With the egg industry and legislation lagging behind on making meaningful change, not only are these companies listening to their customers and showing they care about animal welfare, they’re also proving going cage free is possible and affordable.

Every company that makes the commitment to going cage free is helping to free hens from battery cages, and this is something they should definitely feel proud about.

Check out the list of the brands that have made the switch here.

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