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It must have been like déjà vu for Australians as they once again watched animals being horrifically killed in Indonesian slaughterhouses on ABC’s Lateline program last night.

Footage showing major breaches to the Australian Government’s Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System has indicated that this system has failed to protect Australian animals, once again highlighting the inherent cruelty of the live export trade.

The footage shows what are believed to be Australian animals being tripped over and falling onto their sides in Mark I restraint boxes – a complete breach of the Government’s supply chain assurance system.

The RSPCA says that this exposé comes 24 hours before the deadline for tranche 1 countries (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Turkey) to conform to the new regulatory framework for live export.

“If it is the case that the framework has been breached in Indonesia, where so much attention has been focused and where all animals are individually traceable, what is the likelihood that standards will be upheld in other importing countries?” said Dr Bidda Jones, Chief Scientist, RSPCA Australia.

“From what we’ve seen from this Indonesian footage, the RSPCA has significant concerns that the supply chain assurance system will not protect exported animals from cruelty. “

RSPCA Australia has reviewed the footage that documented the restraint and slaughter of a number of cattle in three Indonesian abattoirs filmed in January 2012.

The RSPCA’s assessment of the footage found clear breaches of the supply chain checklists, including 46 separate breaches documented on eight animals being slaughtered using Australian designed Mark IV restraint boxes.

“What this new footage shows yet again, is that un-stunned slaughter is inherently cruel. The Government must immediately require stunning for all live exports.”

“Unless there is stunning, appropriate training and an inspector in these abattoirs every night, the systems that are currently in place will still cause animal suffering.”

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