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RSPCA Australia is calling for significant changes to be made to the New South Wales greyhound racing industry as concerns for the welfare of the animals involved continues to grow.

Advice from Australia’s leading animal welfare organisation will be heard during today’s Parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing in New South Wales.

“There’s clear evidence of mass overbreeding of greyhounds in New South Wales resulting in a vast population of surplus unwanted dogs which contributes to high euthanasia rates,” said Dr Jade Norris, RSPCA Australia, Scientific Officer. 

“With an Industry estimate of 3,000 greyhounds euthanased in New South Wales every year, immediate action to address the significant overbreeding problem, high wastage rate, high euthanasia rate and low rehoming rate must be taken.

“The unacceptably high injury rates associated with the sport are also of great concern, as is the current lack of published injury reporting by the industry making it likely that exact figures are much higher than currently acknowledged.

“There’s also an urgent need for improvements to current legislation to ensure the welfare of other animals used in baiting and training racing greyhounds,” said Dr Norris.

RSPCA Australia recommendations will include:
- A significant reduction in  the number of greyhounds born each year
- An immediate review of track designs
- An end to the export of greyhounds for any purpose other than accompanying their owner as a companion animal
- Improvements to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and other legislation to help protect the welfare of greyhounds and other animals that can be used to train greyhounds. 

For more information, a copy of the submission or an interview with an RSPCA Australia spokesperson, please contact:

Elise Meakin, 0419 748 907, emeakin@rspca.org.au


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