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Peter Alexander and the Petbarn Foundation Give to Get Them Home for the RSPCA

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  • RSPCA Australia
  • Wednesday, 30 September 2020

On the eve of the RSPCA’s newest biggest annual national fundraising appeal, pyjama king Peter Alexander and the Petbarn Foundation have been named as the first national matching partners, amplifying the benefit of every dollar donated by the community.

“It’s been a tough year for all of us, but unfortunately, animal cruelty hasn’t stopped, animal neglect hasn’t stopped, and animals still desperately need care and protection through our shelters,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell.

“We still need the support of the community as much as ever before, and for those who want to help animals in need and support the RSPCA’s work, it’s a day when your dollar goes much, much further.

“For those Australians who can afford to give, I’d urge you to give what you can. And I would sincerely thank our partners, like Peter Alexander and the Petbarn Foundation, who help make this day such an important success,” said Mr Mussell.

Renowned Australian designer and long-time supporter of the RSPCA, Peter Alexander said, 'My mother always said when it comes to charity, put your money where your mouth is!,”

“And so I have, personally matching every dollar you donate to the Give To Get Them Home campaign. My love for all animals (except spiders, sorry!) has led me to be an ambassador for the RSPCA over the last 15 years,” said Peter.

“It's a role I take very seriously and I hope during these difficult times, everyone can look at finding a dollar or two to help our four legged friends find a loving home,” he said.

Chair of The Petbarn Foundation Scott Charters also said, “We believe that all pets deserve the chance to have a happy and healthy life with a loving family.”

“Our national partnership with the RSPCA is integral to ensuring shelter animals find their forever home,” he said.

Give to Get Them Home is a full-day event being held on 1 October, and is designed to better connect valued supporters with the vital work that can be done by the RSPCA as a result of their support.

The impact of every dollar donated on the day is maximised and amplified by the generous contributions of corporate partners who match, double or even triple the dollars donated.

Hundreds of RSPCA staff and volunteers across the country join in to turn the day into a high-energy celebration in recognition of their important work year-round, with regular visits from adorable shelter and adopted animals as well as local celebrities and VIPs.

In 2019, Give to Get Them Home was held nationally for the first time and raised around $2.8M to fund the RSPCA’s vital work in caring for and protecting tens of thousands of animals every year.

Across Australia, the RSPCA accepts over 132,000 animals into its shelters every year and investigates over 58,000 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.  

To find out more, visit www.charidy.com.au/rspca.

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