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RSPCA and Bendigo Bank are this week celebrating the milestone of $3 million in support of the Adoptapet program – all thanks to Bendigo Bank customers. 

Adoptapet is a national website that allows prospective pet owners to view animals waiting for adoption at RSPCA locations across Australia from the comfort and convenience of their own home, workplace or mobile phone. 

The Adoptapet program is supported in part by Bendigo Bank’s RSPCA Rescue credit card product suite. By signing up for and shopping with one of the RSPCA card products, Bendigo Bank customers are actively helping orphaned animals find new forever homes. 

Customers have helped raise more than $3 million, resulting in a second chance for more than 488,000 animals nationally.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said the Adoptapet program is well supported across Australia.

“The ongoing support of Bendigo Bank and its generous customers has helped the RSPCA’s Adoptapet program find homes for almost half a million animals since it first launched in 2005,” Ms Neil said.

“A partnership of this length and magnitude is vital for the RSPCA and helps ensure we can continue our work in the community helping all creatures great and small.” 

Bendigo Bank’s Executive Engagement Innovation, Robert Musgrove echoed Ms Neil’s sentiments.

“As a Bank, we believe that partnering with like-minded organisations that make a difference to the community is fundamental to our purpose,” Mr Musgrove said.

“It’s partnerships like this one with the RSPCA that have helped us become recognised on a global stage - this year named the top Australian company in the FORTUNE Annual “Change the World” list of Companies that are Doing Well by Doing Good.

“We are so pleased to celebrate this $3 million milestone with RSPCA. Not-for-profit organisations make an important difference in our community; and we applaud the commitment of the RSPCA who work to prevent cruelty to all animals - great and small.” Mr Musgrove added.  

It is thanks to the incredible commitment of Bendigo Bank that the below abandoned animals have found their forever homes:  

Lemonade – Western Australia 

Meet Lemonade. This stray kitten was found wandering with an injured front leg. It was quickly discovered that there was no sensation in his leg and amputation was the only option for little Lemonade. The surgery went well and he recovered quickly from the operation. After a traumatic start to life, Lemonade has now found a loving family to take care of him. 

Bailey – Australian Capital Territory 

Meet Bailey. This young pup was seized from his owner during a tense confrontation with the RSPCA Inspectors. Poor Bailey was trembling and having trouble walking. The RSPCA vets discovered that he had first degree burns on his front paws and second and third degree burns covering 15 per cent of his body. The owner had spilled cooking oil on the four-month-old puppy and neglected to seek veterinary help.

Following hours of surgery and daily care and treatment, Bailey began to heal from his physical wounds. But it took him much longer to regain his trust in people, and the RSPCA’s volunteers, trainers and Animal Care assistants worked closely with him to help improve his behavioural issues. Finally, after nine months at the shelter, Bailey was adopted by his forever family. Word is that he loves playing with his fur-sibling and covering his humans with sloppy kisses 

Pork Chop – New South Wales

Meet Pork Chop. This lovely pooch found his forever home after 333 days in care! Pork Chop had recently had one of his back legs amputated and needed a kind and patient owner to help him as he re-learned how to live a normal life. That’s when his new mum came along. Pork Chop is her first dog and the pair were so excited to have finally found each other. The RSPCA is so happy that this beautiful boy has found his forever mum.

Cadbury - Victoria

Meet Cadbury. This feline fellow was dumped on the side of the road, squeezed into a small cat carrier with four other cats. The cats were in a terrible condition. Cadbury was severely matted and needed treatment for fleas and intestinal worms. He spent the next five months at the RSPCA, receiving extensive medical treatment and care from RSPCA staff and volunteers When Cadbury was ready to find his forever home, it took only a day for him to be adopted! He now lives happily with a family of six (four humans and two dogs) and spends his days playing with his two canine brothers and lounging about in the sun, watching the world go by.

Sam – South Australia

Meet Sam. Sam came to RSPCA South Australia incredibly under nourished. It took six long weeks on a carefully calculated treatment program of calorie-controlled nutrition and a careful exercise program that would allow Sam to work his recovering muscles without causing him to lose weight. By the end of those six weeks, Sam was physically ready for rehoming.

Despite everything he’d been through, he was mentally and emotionally ready too. He was such a friendly, good-natured dog to begin with, that it was going to take much more than a couple of thoughtless, hard-hearted owners to kill his beautiful spirit. Today, Sam lives right on the beach with his new loving owner Mark. He spends his days taking cliff top walks, running up and down the beach, and hanging around on the veranda with his ‘girlfriend’ Pip. 

Dallas – Tasmania

Meet Dallas. This 10-year-old horse was recently seized. Dallas was very underweight due to being infected with internal parasites. His appearance was dull, depressed and he had significant muscle and hair loss due to scratching to try to relieve the irritation from lice. It was apparent that that he had not received enough food for some considerable time.

Covered in lice and suffering greatly due to internal parasites, things looked really grim for 10year old Dallas. This beautiful horse was far too skinny and had lost a lot of hair due to his ailments. Dallas was adopted to a wonderful new home, just like thousands of fortunate animals every year in Tasmania. 

Sophie – Darwin

Meet Sophie. Sophie spent 3 months being cared for at RSPCA Darwin and was very anxious, and so full of nervous energy, that when Leonie, Therese and other volunteers tried to walk and play with her, she was virtually un-walkable. They never gave up though and with the help of Animal Attendant Shannon they slowly tried to teach Sophie to relax.

With her forever family she has become an easy walker, loves sitting on family members’ laps, and their commitment to training and exercise has helped her stay relaxed.

Hercules – Queensland

Meet Hercules. Hercules was discovered starving after his owners could no longer afford to feed and care for him. He was examined and found to be severely underweight with his ribs, lumbar vertebrae, and pelvic bones clearly visible. Hercules had no palpable body fat, and there was a notable loss of muscle mass, a prominent abdominal tuck, and hourglass shape. If starvation wasn’t enough, Hercules was also found to have painful infections in both ears, hair loss, and painful thickened and swollen skin from a long present chronic skin infection.

Thankfully, with lots of love and care from the staff, volunteers, and our incredible veterinary team, Hercules has a new lease on life and is currently recuperating with a loving foster family as he prepares for adoption. His carer reports he is doing well but still has a long way to go.

For more information about RSPCA Mastercard visit bendigobank.com.au or call into your local branch.  To support the Adoptapet program, or find your next pet visit www.adoptapet.com.au.

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