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RSPCA Australia is once again calling on the federal government to take immediate action following revelations more Australian animals have suffered horrendous cruelty in the live export trade.

The RSPCA has viewed footage of what are clearly Australian cattle taken in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. The footage comes from 31 videos uploaded onto YouTube during the Festival of Sacrifice in October this year. It is some of the most horrific and distressing footage we have seen.

The footage documents Australian cattle:

  • Tethered to poles, trees, and trucks on the streets
  • Being beaten and dragged by ropes off trucks without unloading ramps
  • Being dragged, man-handled and chased along streets by crowds of youths in a frenzy akin to bull running
  • Being stabbed in the eyes
  • Being kicked, pushed, pulled and tripped over with ropes to be forced onto the ground and under control for slaughter
  • Having their necks hacked, sawn and stabbed at with blunt knives
  • Being strangled by neck ropes while bleeding out

The Department of Agriculture is currently investigating these incidents.

In the meantime, the exporter or exporters  implicated continue to carry on business as usual, purchasing livestock from Australian farmers for export.

One of these exporters is also the subject of two other current investigations involving the sale and slaughter of thousands of Australian sheep outside of approved supply chains.

This lack of preventative action by the regulator puts animals at risk and tells exporters that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain if they flout the rules.

It means Australian producers will have no guarantee that their livestock will be protected from similar horrific treatment.

It is time for the Government to use all powers available to it to show the Australian public that they are serious about  protecting the welfare of any animals that are exported.  

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