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Sheep suffer throughout the live export journey, which can take months, and welfare issues are cumulative and inherent across the supply chain.

They’re at risk of suffering extreme heat stress, poor conditions and overcrowded stocking densities that increase discomfort, and can limit access to food and water for some animals.

They’re at risk because of the unavoidable reality that live export leads to weeks of stressful circumstances for the sheep including repeated handling by unfamiliar people, standing in their own faeces and urine, unfamiliar environments with loud noises, varied ventilation, high humidity, mistreatment and inhumane slaughter practices once they disembark at their destination.

Finally, all that is about to change ...

The Federal Government has reaffirmed their commitment to transitioning away from live sheep export to a better future, once and for all. 

Now, they’ve appointed an independent panel to consult on – not if – but how and when this transition should take place.

We need your help to inform this process and make sure a sound transition happens. 

Specifically, the current consultation process will guide the Government’s timeline and next steps in transitioning away from live sheep export. 

Most importantly right now, the Government must legislate an end date this term of Parliament — otherwise, this important action might not happen, prolonging uncertainty for Australian farmers, further damaging our international reputation and subjecting countless more sheep to this unacceptable risk.

We can also remind the Government and farmers why this is the right thing to do, and a decision we support.

You can help us by making a submission yourself; or by adding your name to our push to legislate the date in this term of Parliament.



Support our push

We are at a pivotal point for change for Australian sheep. We have a real opportunity to improve the welfare of hundreds of thousands of sheep every year – but the next crucial step, in this term of Parliament, is to set the end date.


The submission is yours, of course, but we suggest including some of the following points:

  • Setting an end date this term of Parliament is vital to ensuring the phase out occurs, to avoid prolonged uncertainty for Australian farmers, and our international reputation sinking even lower because of live sheep export
  • Remember, the Government have already made it clear that they are committed and the phase out will go ahead, so focus your message on how and when you would like to see a phase out.
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