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  The Issue

When millions of Australians tune in to watch the race that stops the nation, too few will realise they’re not only witnessing the most public form of animal cruelty, but they’re actually cheering it on. Help make last year's Melbourne Cup the final one to allow the needless flogging of horses, by demanding whip-free racing in 2016.


Whips are cruel and unnecessary

Top performance horses need great genetics, great preparation and great horsemanship. Whipping does not come into it.

Horses are being flogged

Under current racing rules, Jockeys can whip their horse as many times as they like in the last 100 metres of a race.

There will still be a winner

2011 research found 98% of horses were being whipped without it influencing the race outcome. Without whips, horses still win races.


  Take Action

In an era where beating animals is considered cruelty in every other arena, the whipping of horses is still a familiar sight in Australian racing. Urge the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) to make 2015 the last year of whips at the Melbourne Cup, and take whips off the ticket in 2016.


Send your message to the VRC below. There is a future in racing without whips.

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