Scientific Seminar

2005 Cruelty to animals: a human problem

Tuesday 22 February 2005, Australian War Memorial, Canberra 

Preventing cruelty to animals is the founding mission of the RSPCA movement, but despite nearly 200 years of dedicated work, cruelty persists with disheartening regularity.

Our understanding of the causes of cruelty to animals has improved, but there is much more to be done to address these causes and to adapt our legislation to protect animals from abuse and neglect as we now define them. And as we examine the triggers involved, it becomes increasingly apparent that cruelty to animals cannot be quarantined from the broader issue of violence in our homes and in society generally.

The Seminar tackled these important questions through two main themes:

  • preventing cruelty to animals through early intervention, education and changing legislation; and
  • examining the connection between cruelty towards animals and current or future violence towards humans.

It also discussed how we can improve the links between agencies dealing with cruelty to animals and other human problems.



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