layer hens

RSPCA joint message to egg industry: time to focus on animal welfare and a sustainable future.

Recent debate about battery cages has been crowded with opinions. It’s time to refocus on what’s important: the welfare of the animals involved and the future of the egg industry.

Five ways to keep hens happy

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RSPCA Australia

If you’ve ever spent any time with chickens, you’ll know that they are social, curious creatures.

The week in animal welfare: Volume #8

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RSPCA Australia

Welcome back to our ‘Week in Animal Welfare’ roundup. Get comfortable in front of your keyboard and click through to read the latest news in animal welfare.

The facts about battery cages

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Jane Speechley

We’ve written previously about all the ways in which battery cages are cruel. And yet, the egg industry keeps coming up with the same, tired, old (and incorrect) excuses.

We’ve got all the facts right here

Your cage free eggs might be produced by companies that use battery cages

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Heather Neil

Do you buy cage-free eggs?

The Victorian Government is reviewing poultry welfare science – and this is a good thing

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Amanda Diaz

There’s been some news regarding the development of Australia’s poultry welfare standards.  

Why we’re worried about Australia’s dangerously flawed poultry welfare standards

This is a very rare opportunity to improve the lives of millions of animals. That’s why we need to make sure the process is done right, and leads to tangible improvements in animal welfare - not just what supports the status quo.